Communications with your doctor

If you need to speak with your doctor please contact our reception desk. You may be asked to make an appointment to see the doctor for a more comprehensive assessment. At the receptionist’s discretion they may take a message and the doctor will call you back. We do not use email to provide medical advice.

Test Results

All results need to be interpreted by the doctor and discussed in person with the patient. We do not provide results to patients over the phone. We request that you book an appointment within one week of having the test to review your results even if you are not called in.

Referrals and repeat prescriptions

In the interest of your health, repeat prescriptions and referral letters will generally require a consultation with the doctor.

Reminder system

Our practice is committed to providing you with the best preventative care possible. We may issue you with a reminder notice on some occasions. If you do not wish to be part of this system please let your doctor or reception staff know.

Communication with patients by electronic means

Our practice is mindful that even if patients have provided electronic contact details, they may not be proficient in communicating via electronic means and patient consent needs to be obtained before engaging in electronic communication. Electronic communication includes email, facsimile and Short Message Service (SMS). Communication with patients via electronic means is conducted with appropriate regard to privacy